Polarity in tight junctions

Determined by Par3/Par6/aPKC pathway and the Crumbs and Scribble complexes. Orients Crumbs apically to tight junctions and Scribble basally to tight junctions.

Tight junctions in epithelial cells help maintain polarity, aid in absorption and secretion, hold cells in place to one another, and aid in other things I’m sure haha

Something about GAGs and proteoglycans and core proteins and hyalauranons(sp?)

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Anchoring junctions/adherins junction
Gap junctions/plasmadesmatas
Tight junctions/Occluding

Cadherins: uses calcium
Integrins: have differing alpha and beta subunits each mutant has certain disease/reactions (cell-to-matrix)
Selectins: E, P, N, ?, uses calcium
Ig: does not use calcium ions
Tricellulin***used in tight junctions all 3

Par3/Par6/aPKC pathway mixed with Rac and Cdc42 

FAK protein coupled to talin and actin binding either inside-out or outside-in signaling. More FAK more motility, less FAK less motility== FAK used in releasing adhesions
GTPase Rho in relation to FAK== Rho increases myosin activity for increase stress fibers

Basal lamina
» collagen type 4* main types
»nidigen** linkers

»fibrous proteins: collagen types (1 & 2 for sure) and Fibronectin
»Fibrillin: defect causes Abraham Lincoln tall lanky disease thing with heart problems

And yada yada got a ton more to do

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Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.
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Is it common for a borderline to think about problems that dont matter anymore that are in the past and then just start crying or feeling down for a bit?


I’m not sure about other people, but I often think about things in the past that shouldn’t matter anymore. I usually end up reliving the emotions I felt at the time and sometimes it can affect the present, making me paranoid and making me feel like it’s happening again.


I got your back.


I got your back.